Thursday, August 19, 2010


Voices Is the next book after Gifts. It is wrote by Ursula K. Le Guin. This book is in the city of Annul, a town be the sea. It was once a posperous city, full of wealth and knowledge. For seventeen years it was captured by the Alds, a desert people.They believed that books were evil and had all the books destroyed. This story follows Memer, a seventeen year old girl who lives in the city. Her mother was in charge of a very important house, the warloard's house. During Annul's independence warlords goverened the city, now they lived in smables like the rest of the people. The owner of her house was tourtured and twisted for a year until they let him free. A few years later Memer's mother got sick and died. Around that time she found a secret room, one full of books. At first she didn't know what they were but the warlord taught her how to read.
One morning while Memer is in the marketplace a horse charges suddenly at her. After calming the horse memer realizes the commotion. There is a woman with a halflion. She introduces herself as Gry. Memer tells her where she lives and Gry imediatly wants to come home with her. Her husband is of course Orrec Caspro. Orrec has been invited to recite stories to the leader of the Alds. During the days that follow Annul will be changed forever. From a people in ruins new hope will emerge. The unthinkable will be done, good shall rise over evil. oNe day wil Memer's future be brighter with the help of her new friends?
*I think this is a realygood book:D Definetly read these.
You can read a question and answer with the author here:
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