Percy Jackson

                  The Percy Jackson and The Olympians series is about  a boy named Percy Jackson. It is written by Rick Riordan. Percy finds out that he is the son of the Greek god Poseidon. He is the only half- blood child of the big three, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades who is alive( Zeus' daughter is a tree).  The gods come to life in New York City using the Empire State building as Mt. Olympus. They must go around the world and battle with the monsters of Ancient Greece before they destroy all of western civilization. Percy stay at  camp half-blood on Long island. There he becomes good friends with a girl named Annabel. They must go and save place together. In the second book Percy realizes that he has a half brother named Tyson. He is half Cyclops, half Son of Poseidon. They find the golden fleece to save Zeus' daughter who was turned into a tree to save her friends. The fleece works too well and the girl is brought back.. A prophecy says a half blood child will decide the fate of the gods. Now there are two of them. Who will it be? When Percy, Annabeth and Thalia help Grover get a brother and sister half blood things go bad. As in Annabeth ends up falling off the side of a cliff.Meanwhile the Hunters are with Percy and Nico and Bianca Di Milo. Bianca joins the huntresses. When bad dreams about Annabeth and others lead hero's west Percy follows. The power of Pan brings them to the west but "one will die". The leader, Zoe, Thalia, Grover and Percy try to save the world. They all end up in San Fransisco. They must return to Zoe's home where " one will be killed by their parent". In a heroic action the prophecy unfolds. Kronos is gaining power and Luke is turned into Kronos. Evil is starting to take over and Percy and his friend must enter the Labyrinth to destroy it's maker. The next year everyone plans for war. Percy is almost 16 and he is suppose to determine whether or not Olympus will survive. Many campers are lost, to the other side and to death. Tragedy is everywhere as many friends die. Poseidon is waging  battle under the sea while the other gods battle a huge monster marching right to NYC. Powerful magic leaves Percy in charge of all of New York. However it is revealed o him that he will probably die to save everything. Krono's army marches into New York City. They are seemingly no match for 40 campers and some Hunters. Through amazing fate the truth of the past, present and future unravels and the prophecy finally comes to light. There is good in all humans and in the end love proves stronger than any evil. I really loved this series and the next series about cam p Half-Blood will be out in October 2010.

The Lightning Thief
Percy finds out he is the son of Poseidon and is brought to camp-half blood.

The Sea of Monsters
A dodge ball game at school gets way out of hand and Percy, Annabel and Tyson race for camp half-blood. They arrive to find monsters destroying the camp. In order to secure the magical boundaries they must find the golden fleece which is somewhere in the sea of monsters. They journey over sea to the place where the fleece lies. They save their friends and then return. Thalia's tree is healed and now the daughter of Zeus is alive.

Clash Of The Titans
A attempt to recruit new half-bloods leads to a terrible tragedy, Annabeth falls off the side of a cliff. In order to save her and the goddess Artemis, Percy, Thalia, Bianca Di Milo, Zoe and Grover set off across the continent. The oracle said that at least two of them would die in the quest. In the end Olympus has some people to thank.

Battle Of The Labyrinth
When Percy's new High school is attacked he races to Camp Half-Blood. The new threat is the Labyrinth, a underground maze. New evidence shows Luke my be trying to attack camp via a tunnel. Annabeth, Percy, Grover, Tyson and Nico plunge into the underground maze. They must face the enemy time and again but can they destroy the Labyrinth?

The Last Olympian
Percy's 16th birthday is a week away. Kronos' army is building up and heading  to New York City. Lots of lives have been lost fighting but Percy is determined to succeed. While the gods are occupied by their own wars it is up to the hero's to hold New York and stop Kronos/Luke from destroying Olympus"block by block". It is the high energy end to the series. I would highly recommend this book. if you never read this book the series will pretty much be a waste, so read it.

The sequl series, Heros Of Olympus, Is OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check back later to find out what hapens to Percy and his friends.