Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Gemma Doyle trilogy

This trilogy of books by Libba Bray include "A Great And Terrible Beauty","Rebel Angels"and "The Sweet Far Thing."I have a previous post about the first book in this trilogy, which you can be sure to check out.
Gemma Doyle arrives in London to attend the famous Spence Academy for Young Ladies after the tragic death of er mother. Having spent her while life in India, Gemma enters a lonely new world of confusion and grief. She quickly befriends her roommate Ann, a scholarship student destined to be a governess for her cousins. Subsequently she meets Felicity and Pippa, Ann's daring friends. However , new friendships are not all that hahahahaha come to Gemma, as strange visions begin to appear. She finds a mysterious diary, of a girl named Mary who once was a student at spence. The diary tells a thrilling tale of a magical world known as "the realms" which is governed by women soreceres known as The Order. With the help of one of their teachers, te girls begin to search for the difference between fairy tales, and reality. Gemma begins to learn that she is no ordinary girl and that her mother may not have been who she seemed. As they delve deeper into the story of the realms they learn of a rouge member of the Order, a woman named Circe. Much to their surprise and horror, they begin to unravel the mystery of the realms and the deadly fire which destroyed the east wing of the school and killed the founder and two girls . The four girls realize they've been reading a dead girl's diary, or are they? Adding to Gemmas confusion is a gypsie boy named Kartik who warn her of the powers of the realms. Although they are destined to be enemies, Gemma beings to have feelings for the strange secretive boy. The four girls travle into the realms, but return as only three. Gemma and her friends return to the realms often, to find it changing and becoming increasingly inpredictable. Plauged by visions, power, and heartbreak, Gemma MIT figure out what to do. Meanwhile they must continue with their schooling to be proper ladies and deal with gossip and family drama. Everyone is not wjo they seem, and it seems as though everyone is a small pawn in a chess game. The time draws near for Gemma to join the battle for power in the realms, but suddenly it pours into reality. Gemma must return to the realms with her friends, and some former enemies, to restore the peace and power of the realms.

I really enjoyed this trilogy, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. There is enough love, fantasy, and mystery to make you believe it is a fairy tale, but but also be realistic. I read the first book last summer and the second and third this summer, and they are all beautifully written. It's set in England at the turn of the century when times are changing and the place of women is starting to be questioned. These books are very much about how women have the power to do many things, if they try. I hope you pick up these books soon:)

Friday, February 17, 2012

The 13 Reasons Why

A while back I read The Thirteen Reasons Why, by Jay Asher. I have to say that it is a wonderful book and one of the most moving stories I have ever read. This story is about a girl who committed suicide in high school. Before she died she made tape recordings that were sent to 13 people. Each person who on the list had their own tape dedicated to them. They were the 13 reasons why she decided to end her life. This book follows Clay Jensen, one of people to get the tapes. He had a crush on Hannah for a long time, and it horrified by the tapes. Over one night Clay wanders around his town listening to Hannah's voice in his head as she explains what happened to ruin her life.
I thought this book was very well written and realistic. Each page leads the reader to a devastating realization of what actions can cause. This book makes you want to stop reading and yet it's addicting. It is the type of tragedy when you already know who dies at the beginning of the story. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is 12 and older.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Hunger Games Movie

Yes! It's finally coming next month! The Hunger Games Movie will be in theaters March 23. I highly suggest going out to see it because I loved the books. I personally really hope the movie stays true to the book and doesn't change the story line. Also, I love Taylor Swift's song, Safe And Sound which will be on the soundtrack. Be sure to check it out:)