Monday, May 24, 2010


Normally this is a book blog but today I would like to tell you about a T.V. series. Last ight the fial episode of "LOST" premiered on ABC. I would recommend watching the whole series if you haven't. It is a very interesting story of surival, adventure and faith. When LOST first started in 2004, it was seen as a T.V. show about a group of people planewrecked on a weird island. Now 6 years later , it has eveolved into a story of friends and believing in faith.

After their plane breaks in half over a pacific island, the suriviors of an Oceanic flight are left alone in the jungle, no help on the way. They soon find out that they are not on an average island. In the first episode, they shoot and kill a polar bear. They pick up odd radio messages and quickly realize that there are others on the island. The "others" are out to destory the surivors, headed by Ben Linus. A man who grew up on the island with a troubled past. A doctor named Jack Shepard takes charge. A girl namaed Kate Austin helps and trys to redeem herself for killing her step-father. A man called Sawyer fights within their camps and for love. A trouble Korean couple find that they trully love each other after the plane crash. A pregnant Australian woman trys to be happily in her new home, while a Iraqi named Syidi tries to help the others and prove to himself that he is a good person. Hugo, a lottery winner, trys to help everyone, he belives it'shis bad luck that the plane crashed. Then there is John Locke. Locke was paralyzzed fro the waist down, on the island he was able to walk. He was the only surivor who wanted to stay on the island. Over the time that they are on the island they face many enemies, including the other, and loose many firends. LOST is a story of a group of strangers coming together to surive. They come from all over the world, in different walks of life, but soon they all become part of a team. Other people throught the series emerg and join them or the enemy. In the end it is a brilliantly written story of good vs. evil. There has never been another show like "LOST" and probally unlike any i the future. Philosiphy, science, history and references to many other things are what make it so interesting. I would not recommend LOST to you if you like nice clean endings or lots of answers. You have to use your immagination a lot for LOST. In the end it is a true story of beileving. I thought that in the end it was touching but slightly confusing. I can't even begin to explain it because it is far to complicated and exciting. It is a series that each episode is like a chapter in a book, so you can't just pop in on it. There is time travel, flash backwardses, flash fowards, and flash side-ways. It is like reading a good book, you don't know what will happen until the end, and when it is over you miss it.

- Kathryn

Monday, May 17, 2010


Peak is a really good book, also by Roland Smith.
At the begining of the book Peak is a fourteen- year-old boy who climbs skyscrapers and paint them blue. One day he is found by the police and arrested. A few days later another boy trys to copy him, the kid falls to the death. Meanwhile Peak and his family try to save him. Peak's father is a great climber, he climbs Mt. Everest a lot. His mother used to be a great limber until she fell of a wall and wasn't able to climb again.
When the time comes tot go to trial the verdict is simple, Peak will go to jail for three years. Luckily for Peak another option shows up, his father. His father showed up from Nepal to try to get him out of the mess. He asks if his son can go to China with him. The judge agrees and Peak goes on the adventure of his life.
The plan doesn't happent the way Peaks father said though, instead of going right to China they fly to Nepal. They are going to Mt. Everest.
The book is pretty good, it has a lot of suspense, trickery and friendship.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Elephant Run

Elephant Run is a really good book by,roland smith. It is set in WWII in Burma. It follows a boy, Nick through his adventures with the war. When his home in London is destroyed by German missles, his mother sends him to his dad in Burma. He runs an elephant farm. Soon after arriving at his new home the Japanese attack and take his father. The rest of the workers are held prisoners as the Japanese take over. At first the officer in charge says he will"send him home" but after months it becomes clear this is not the case. With the help of an old monk, a friend, and many others he is able to escape. Taking his friend, Mya and an old monk, he sets of to rescue his father from the prison camp he was put in after being captured. Through a dangerous adventure he ia able to finally be reunited with his family. It's 318 pages long and I was so captivated by it I read it in 2 days of reading whenever I could. I would highly recommend this book.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I've been reading this pretty good trilogy called "Kidnapped" by; Gordon Korman. It is about Meg and Aiden Falconer. Their parents were accused by the FBI of helping terrorists. They are sent to prison and their children are sent to a juliviel detention center. They escape and are on the run from the FBI for months. Finally their parents are found not guilty and life is suppose to go back to normal. Book one, The Abduction, shows how much difficulty Aiden and Meg have fitting back into society after their difficulties with the law, and how many of their peers and the adults around them still suspect the entire family of being criminals and traitors. But that isn't the worst they must deal with. Somebody is out to kidnap the Falconer kids, and make the family pay for their 'criminal' past. The kidnappers succeed in getting Meg and it is up to the FBI and Aiden to find her.Where is Meg Falconer?
Everybody wants to know. Her brother Aiden, who saw her kidnapped and is now trying to track her down, wants to know. The FBI, led by the very serious Agent Harris, wants to know. Her parents, who fear their pasts have something to do with why Meg was taken, want to know. Even Meg's kidnappers want to know. Because even though they caught her once, that doesn't mean they can keep a hold of her. . . . After a few failures Aiden thinks it is up to him to save Meg. He runs away to try and rescue his sister only to be arrested for a crime he didn't commit. Agent Harris picks him up only to be caught in a blizzard. Meanwhile Meg escapes from her captors only to be caught in the same blizzard. Cold, hurt, hungry and sad she is alone in the wilderness but it doesn't stop her. After sending a signal she tredges on only to be recaptured by her kidnappers. What happens next is a twist so unexpected that is will captivate you until the end. AS the real conspiracy is revealed you find out the truth behind the ruthless people who will stop at nothing to destroy the Falconers.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

39 Clues Book 8

The 8th book in the 39 Clues series has came out and it is great. Amy and Dan head to China to find the next clue. Dan and Amy come to a disagreement about who their parents really were and Dan runs away is the largest country in the world. However Dan isn't even away for 20 minutes when one of his cousins kidnaps him. Meanwhile Nellie and Amy search all around Bejing for Dan. Dan in the meantime has been taken in by his pop-star cousin Johna Wizard. While pretending to search for Amy the Wizards take advantage of him. At the great Wall Of China Amy finds the symbol for grace, her grandmother's name. The clue she finds leads her to Tibet. When Cora Wizard the head of the Janus branch meets her son in China she tells Dan he is a Janus. Knowing she is lying Dan runs away revealing his true a identity. After hearing a report on CNN he hitchhikes on trains to Tibet where he is finally reunited with his sister. Nellie Gomez, their au pair, use unknown connections to get them on their way. What happened next is the climax of the story. The suspense literally could not be higher than it is at the end of the book. It is a great book and I would recommend the whole series.