The Inkheart series is 3 books, Inkheart, Inkspell, and Inkdeath.  It is written by Cornielia Funke. The books focus on a girl named Meggie, her father Mo, and her mother, Resa. They also meet a lot of other people who are very important in their lives. Mo and Meggie have the power to read things out of books. When Meggie was three Mo read her mother in Inkheart. The villan and his henchmen come out of the book with a fire dancer, Dustfinger. They all end up in the real world.  The villan, Capricorn, searches for Mo and his daughter. Dustfibger warns them and they all go to Meggie's aunt Ellinor's house. Ellinor collects books, lots of them. Mo trys to hide his book with Elinor but Capricorns men find him, and take him away. It is up to Meggie, Mo Dustfinger and Ellinor to escape from Capricorn and destroy him forever. In the process they find that Meggie's mother was read back out of Inkheart, only to be captured.
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Meggie- She is a 12 year old girl in the first book. She loves books and always has. She has the magical ability to read things out of books.  In the second and third books Meggie is a year older. She becomes close with Farid and is very clever.

Mo- Mo is Meggie's father. He also has the magical abilty to read things out of books. When Meggie was three he read her mother into a book and brought villans into the world.  He never read aloud again and loved his daughter very much. In the second and thrid books he is thought of as a hero and has his wife with him. He gets shot and therefor cannot do much in the second book.

Teresa- Teresa is read into Inkheart. She lives in Inkworld for many years, first pretending to be a man. Thn she is made to be a maid. When she is read back into the world she loses her voice. She lives with her famly after  being rescued from her captors. When she goes back to Inkworld her voice returns.

Dustfinger- Dustfinger was read out of Inkheart by Mo. He lived in the world for ten years. The whole time he just wanted to go home. He was a fireeaterand good friend of the Black Prince. He also had a wife and two kids. He helps Farid and Meggie when they go into Inkheart.

Farid- Farid was also read out of a book by Mo. He however loves the new world. He follows Dustfinger for a year and learns how to play with fire. He only cares about Dustfinger. When he goes into INkheart he falls in love with Meggie. Dustfinger's wife doesn't really know what to think of him.

Elinor- She is Resa's aunt and Meggie's great aunt. In Inkheart she is just a old lady who lives alone in a mansion full of boos. She helps Mo and Meggie in all the books. Elinr is older than the rest and known to be quite large. In Inkspell Meggie and her parents move in with Elinor. She has a good heart but is very indignant.