Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Hunger Games

Hey, I just finished reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I really truly loved the books. I've been meaning to read them for a while, but they were nothing like I expected. It's set sometime in the future in the area once known as North America. There is a capitol and 12 districts. Every year, to show their power, Capitol requires one girl and one boy from each district to participate in a televised fight to the death. They are called the hunger games.

The main character, Katniss Everdeen lives in district 12. She's 16 years old, a hunter, and the leader of her family. District 12 in incredibly poor with coal mines being the main export. Katniss' father was killed, and all she has left is her mother and 12 year old sister, Prim. When it's time to chose the tributes for the year's games Prim's name is called. Katniss, desperate to save her sister volunteers for her. She practically signed her death certificate. The other tribute is Peeta Mallark, the bakers son. Katniss and Peeta head to Capitol for the games and soon become friends. Then, Peeta changes their relationship drastically, and the games start. Katniss and Peeta start of a spark so powerful that it can't stop. The 74th annual Hunger Games may be the most important in the nation's history, all because of a girl from Distict 12. Nothing is ever the same in their world.

I really loved these books. In the beginning you think it is all just about the games but it becomes so much bigger. You realize how important Katniss and Peeta are. I also love the way that their is so much romance twisted in, but yet not to the point that it takes away from the story. Collins kills of characters expertly. Everyone who dies dies for a reason, to show you something. They're sad but the books are fast moving enough that you don't wallow in the sadness. My favorite one is Catching Fire, and my least favorite is Mockingjay. The ending seemed rushed and I didn't like some of the ways things happened at the end. I also thought the way she showed society was very good. Overall, these are great books. Also, the movies are going to be made, and I may have a project with this series coming up, up be sure to check that out. Lastly, I'd like to thank my friend Maria for letting me borrow these books. You can check out her blog and thought at the link below.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Google Library

I know I've posted this before, but we've had some now followers, so be sure to check put my google library. Google library allows you to post books you've read, liked, reviewed, want and other categories. Be sure to make your own and post the link in the comments so we can see what books you've been reading. The link to mine is below.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


In Messenger, we follow Matty( Matt from the previous book) and Seer (Christopher from the previous book). They live in a peaceful, democratic village where many people seek refuge from their past. Matty begins to discover that he has a power, he can heal things. First a frog, then two dogs. Leader (Jonas from The Giver) can sense it.Then people begin to become rude, mean to others. Matty finds out that people are trading away their souls at the 'Trade Mart" for materialistic things. Then Mentor, a ind and loving man, starts a petition to close village. Seer is afraid that Kira will never be able to come, so he sends Matty to get her. Matty travels through Forest spreading the message that village is being closed. He realizes Forest is beginning to darken. Then he gets to his old village, where Kira awaits him. She can sometimes weave and see the future, and saw him coming. She refuses to let him heal her twisted leg. They head into the forest, but Matty senses it is not the same. Then vines attack them, the path disappears, poison attacks Matty's arms. A foul stench seems to be coming from the center of Forest. They continue on through the forest, but they are continually attacked. Leader tries to go in to rescue them, but he is also repeatedly attacked. It gets to the point where they can't go any longer, and they think that they'll die in there. I don't want to put the very end because it's the biggest surprise, and I don't like it very much.

Gathering Blue

The next book, Gathering Blue is set is a village where there is much violence, and unrest. Kira, now a young orphan with a twisted leg, is a afraid for her life. She is brought to the Council Of Guardians of their village, where they give her a job. She is to repair the ancient singer's robe, which tells the history of the world. Her mother was a weaver, and so Kira was to be too. Her only friends in her new world are Thomas, who has an amazing talent for woodcraft and Jamison who is one of the Guardians. Kira's friend Matt, a young dirty, but reliable boy always wants to help them. Thomas, Kira, and Matt find a very young girl, Jo who can sing amazingly locked in another room. The kids realize that they all have special gifts, Kira with weaving, Thomas with woodworking, and Jo with singing. They also realize that their gifts are trying to be harnessed by the council, they must listen to every command they are told. They cannot use their gift as it was meant, but the help complete the village "song" celebration. Then Matt disappears into the forest, where Kira's father was supposedly killed by beasts. When the annual Song comes along Kira notices a metal noise, then she sees the singer has cuffs and metal chains around his feet. Jo is to be the next singer. Kira realizes that she is a prisoner, and that is her future, all of their futures. Just then, she sees Matt. Matt brings her a visitor, a blind man. His name is Christopher, he's Kira's father. He was attacked and left for dead by Jamison on the hunt, not killed by beasts. He lives in a village of many other broken people, and Matt brings her a gift, blue. Blue was the only color Kira never had. Christopher and Matt leave to this other village and Kira promises to follow after she changes the village.