Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mary, Bloody mary

In the classic story of King Henry VIII and his many wives one person who often gets looked over is Mary. She was the 1st daughter of the king, and by far the oldest. She was a catholic, and daughter of a Spanish princess. During her reign as queen England had a very dark period of slaughter and religious persecution. This book delves into mary's life as she sees her father change from a good king to a tyranny. She is forbidden to see her mother and deemed illegitament, her title taken away. She is personally humiliated by Anne bolyen, the woman who changed her father, and the eventual threat of execution. Mary's life is full of danger, deceit, change, and chaos. From a princess to a lowly maid Mary is a very compelling character often forgotten by history. Personally I loved this book and found it very interesting and great historical fiction.