Saturday, September 17, 2011

Updates, Gordon Korman,

Sorry i haven't posted in a REALLY long time, but I've been pretty busy. There are a bunch of new books I've read, but unfortunately I cannot do a review on all of them. Below is the list of my recent readings:
Deep and Dark and Dangerous- Ghost story that was sorta spooky but really good
Wings- A Fairy Tale- Interesting plot line, but a very fantastic book. It's about fairies.
Eleven- Pretty good, about a 11 year old girls' life.
Twelve- The continuation of the girl's life when she's twelve.
Thirteen- The same series, about the girl when she's thirteen.
Access Denied[and other eight grade error messages]- Drama that goes on in 8th grade
The Fifth Of March- Good, interesting historical fiction about the Boston Massacre.
Tuck Everlasting- Interesting plot line, sorta, but pretty boring and short.
Witch & Wizard- Very good series about magic in the real world. I may do a post as the rest come out and I am able to read them.
The Book Thief- Great Historical Fiction book. Set in Germany during WWII and narrated by death. I would highly recommend it, unless you hate great loss.
Breathe, A Ghost Story- Kinda strange and creepy. Don't read if you're the type who freaks out.

Gordon Korman
He is a really great author and I wanted to point out two books of interest that just came out by him. The first is The Medusa Plot. It is the first book in the continuation of 39 clues series, and it's really good. I'll put my review on the 39 Clues tab so it'll be there, long with he rest of the new series

The next new read from Gordon Korman is the TITANIC Trilogy. In order to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's horrific sinking he wrote this new trilogy. It follows four kids who end up on the Titanic's maiden voyage. Trouble seems to follow them on board the ship, and that's before the events of the fateful crash bring us to the legendary events of April 15th. It's well written and interesting once you get past the beginning. I would recommend it, especially if you're interested in the Titanic.
:) kkuhar