The Land Of Eylon

The Land of Eylon is a 5 book series. It is about fictions Alexa Daley who lives in the land of Eylon.

First Book
The first book isn't really similar to the other ones. Alexa is 12 and lives within the walls of Birdwell. She is told that there are many dangers beyond the walls. They were built to protect the civilization which was statrted by a man named Warvold. Alexa's father is a incharge of one of the towns within their walled land. Warvold  "dies" in the begnning of the book. Alexa learns about her group's past and the history of the walls. For the first time in her life she adventures and sees the world beyond the walls. Her goal can only be accomplished is the wals that have held her in for so long wil finally be destroyed.
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Second Book
Alexa is a year older in this book. She goes once again to Birdwell and embars on another adventure.  She leaves her world and travles across the land of Eylon with her friends. She meets the last giant and an old inmate. She travles to the other side and tries to destroy the evil ruler. There she finds Warvold and his long lost wife. The villan escapes however, when his eadquarters collapse.
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Third Book
Alexa is out at sea with her friends, sailing home with Warvold's brother, Roland. When they arive back in thlir own land they continue to search for the man who eluded them.  They destroy him forever but  Alexa finds out who her real father is only to loose him once and for all.
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Fourth Book
Alexa's uncle Rolad is taking her and Yipes someplace over the sea. They don't know where they arre going. Roland tells them about when he and his brother were you ng. They explored the world as orphanes and went on to  create the world Alexa knows. The whole story is about Roland and Warvold's childhood.

Fifth Book
After arriving at the five pillars Roland is killed before they can get dock Abbadon {evil} stries their boat sending Roland away forever. Alexa and Yipes are rescued and brought up to a new colony. On five stone pillars live a group of rescued families, rescued by Roland. They see the amazing wonders of this new world, however abbadon will not let it continue. Alexa must destroy the moster once in for all. She finds her calling in the process. Alexa now carries on her father and uncles dreams and causes. I really liked this book since Alexa grows up a lot and realizes that it is up to her to change the world.
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