Tuesday, April 5, 2011


In Messenger, we follow Matty( Matt from the previous book) and Seer (Christopher from the previous book). They live in a peaceful, democratic village where many people seek refuge from their past. Matty begins to discover that he has a power, he can heal things. First a frog, then two dogs. Leader (Jonas from The Giver) can sense it.Then people begin to become rude, mean to others. Matty finds out that people are trading away their souls at the 'Trade Mart" for materialistic things. Then Mentor, a ind and loving man, starts a petition to close village. Seer is afraid that Kira will never be able to come, so he sends Matty to get her. Matty travels through Forest spreading the message that village is being closed. He realizes Forest is beginning to darken. Then he gets to his old village, where Kira awaits him. She can sometimes weave and see the future, and saw him coming. She refuses to let him heal her twisted leg. They head into the forest, but Matty senses it is not the same. Then vines attack them, the path disappears, poison attacks Matty's arms. A foul stench seems to be coming from the center of Forest. They continue on through the forest, but they are continually attacked. Leader tries to go in to rescue them, but he is also repeatedly attacked. It gets to the point where they can't go any longer, and they think that they'll die in there. I don't want to put the very end because it's the biggest surprise, and I don't like it very much.

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