Monday, May 17, 2010


Peak is a really good book, also by Roland Smith.
At the begining of the book Peak is a fourteen- year-old boy who climbs skyscrapers and paint them blue. One day he is found by the police and arrested. A few days later another boy trys to copy him, the kid falls to the death. Meanwhile Peak and his family try to save him. Peak's father is a great climber, he climbs Mt. Everest a lot. His mother used to be a great limber until she fell of a wall and wasn't able to climb again.
When the time comes tot go to trial the verdict is simple, Peak will go to jail for three years. Luckily for Peak another option shows up, his father. His father showed up from Nepal to try to get him out of the mess. He asks if his son can go to China with him. The judge agrees and Peak goes on the adventure of his life.
The plan doesn't happent the way Peaks father said though, instead of going right to China they fly to Nepal. They are going to Mt. Everest.
The book is pretty good, it has a lot of suspense, trickery and friendship.

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