Thursday, May 13, 2010


I've been reading this pretty good trilogy called "Kidnapped" by; Gordon Korman. It is about Meg and Aiden Falconer. Their parents were accused by the FBI of helping terrorists. They are sent to prison and their children are sent to a juliviel detention center. They escape and are on the run from the FBI for months. Finally their parents are found not guilty and life is suppose to go back to normal. Book one, The Abduction, shows how much difficulty Aiden and Meg have fitting back into society after their difficulties with the law, and how many of their peers and the adults around them still suspect the entire family of being criminals and traitors. But that isn't the worst they must deal with. Somebody is out to kidnap the Falconer kids, and make the family pay for their 'criminal' past. The kidnappers succeed in getting Meg and it is up to the FBI and Aiden to find her.Where is Meg Falconer?
Everybody wants to know. Her brother Aiden, who saw her kidnapped and is now trying to track her down, wants to know. The FBI, led by the very serious Agent Harris, wants to know. Her parents, who fear their pasts have something to do with why Meg was taken, want to know. Even Meg's kidnappers want to know. Because even though they caught her once, that doesn't mean they can keep a hold of her. . . . After a few failures Aiden thinks it is up to him to save Meg. He runs away to try and rescue his sister only to be arrested for a crime he didn't commit. Agent Harris picks him up only to be caught in a blizzard. Meanwhile Meg escapes from her captors only to be caught in the same blizzard. Cold, hurt, hungry and sad she is alone in the wilderness but it doesn't stop her. After sending a signal she tredges on only to be recaptured by her kidnappers. What happens next is a twist so unexpected that is will captivate you until the end. AS the real conspiracy is revealed you find out the truth behind the ruthless people who will stop at nothing to destroy the Falconers.

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