Tuesday, August 31, 2010

39 Clues Book 10: Into the Gauntlet

I would also like to remind you that Book 10 of the 39 clues is out today so you can check out Borders or Barnes and Noble or other places to get it.

Amy, Dan and Nellie arrive in London. They find a riddle but the page is caught by a monkey from the Kabra's private zoo. The kids were able to read the page and realized it was a hint towards William Shakespeare. They go to the Globe theater to see Romeo and Juliet but the show turns into a riot. All 6 teams are at the same performance. The Starling triplets rappel off the roof to the stage causing panic. The other teams also end up on the stage and begin to fight each other. After the Holts use their competitors for Human bowling Dan and Amy escape. They head to Shakespeare's home. There they find a hint to the church Shakespear was buried at. All the other teams once again arrive. They all look for a clues while Ian Kabra tries to figure out how may clues each team has. Isable is nowhere in sight.
The Kabra family is having some serious problems. Ian and Natalie do not agree with their mother's ideas on how to win. Ian finds secret evidence about the murder of Amy and Dan's parents. His mother killed them. Then he realizes what Isabel said about Irina Spasky's death, "why bother"is all she says. Shocked by this he realizes his sister feels the same way as he does. They are not going to be like their mother.
A discovery by Dan leads to the location of Cahill island off the coast of Ireland. They just arrive when the other teams begin to arrive. All the other teams except the Starlings followed Amy and Dan right to the island. After climbing a cliff, Dan, Hamilton and Eisenhower find an elevator. One person from each branch must get in. Alistar, Hamilton, Amy, Dan, Jonah and the Kabra children go. They find out that Jonah and the Kabras sneaked away from their evil mothers to be there. Amy and Dan's branch is finally reveled to the others. When they get out they find Sined Starling. Together the whole group trudges through the Gauntlet. A few accidents happen during rock slides. When they finally reach the end someone is waiting for them. What would Isabel Kabra do to win? Would she shoot her own children?

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