Tuesday, August 3, 2010


My library is not big, but I love it. You can find great books just sitting there. I just finished reading one of them. It is Fairest by, Gail Carson Levine, she also wrote Ella Enchanted. Fairest is set in the same world with the fairy Lucinda. Aza is a innkeeper's adopted daughter. She is not pretty, not even close to it. In her land bueaty is blond hair, fair skin and light lips. Aza has black hair, pale skin and bright red lips. She has something amazing though, her voice. It's is am amazing voice, which can do almost anything. He land is full of singers and it seems Aza has the fairest voice of them all, but will it lead her to problems? Aza is given the opprotunity to go to the royal wedding and takes it. However, tragedy quickly strikes, and the King is badly injured. Aza becomes the queen's lady-in-waiting. The new leader, Ivi doesn't know the ways of her new land and destroys many coustoms. Meanwhile, she only wants Aza, and the prince. After being together so much the prince and Aza fall in love. When Aza's secret comes out on the midst of confusion she is sent to prison but, she has finally the only thing she ever wanted, beauty. Aza must find out the true meaning of love, friendship, and bueaty. It is a fairytale and the ending isn't really suprising but it's nice.

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  1. I read this book and I liked it too :)
    like your new blog format as well .