Monday, August 23, 2010


Powers is the third book about the western shore. It is the longest one too at over 500 pages. I liked this book a lot but it's really different from the other ones. You don't see how Orrec and Gry really are connected till the end. It follows a slave boy named Gav. He is from the Marshes but when he was young, was captured by soliders along with his sister. He has odd visions sometimes about the future and has an amazing memory. He is destined to grow up and become the teacher for his house. He however has a hard childhood with many larger boys. For about 14 years he is perfectly content in his life. He can learn and have "power". Then one event changes him forever. He leaves his life and walks away. For a while he just walks and then he finds people he think he belongs with. Each time he realizes his past makes him too different. He's just trying to fiure out life and freedom. A lot of it is about what freedom really is, ignorance,bondage, wealth, love. It also explains really the mindset of many slaves , or just ignorant people. I really like this book and I hope I can find more by this author.
You can read the beginng here:

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