Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Like Him, He Like's Her

Alice McKinley is starting high school. She has everything she could possibly want, a great boyfriend, two best friends, a friendly older brother, and a father about to get married to her 7th grade English teacher; what more could she want? Then her boyfriend Patrick finds his lucky penny. Alice's world starts to turn upside down and everything seems to spiral out of control. She joins clubs, which only leads to more problems. Suddenly the drama of high school is completely surrounding her. Her friend's parent problems, her brother's girl friend problems, her heart broken father. Her first year in high school is a huge change. It's nothing she thought it would be. I like this book because it's realistic, funny, and sad. All of the stuff in her life changes, and things you don't expect to happen happen. You really get to see all sides of the characters, and it's really funny. I would recommend this book to people 12/13 and above.

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