Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Airhead Trilogy

Hundred's of girls say they would die to be Nikki Howard. Nikki is the face of Stark Industries, her face is plastered everywhere you can buy Stark merchandise, which is just about everywhere. Emerson Watts likes playing video games and laughing about the stupidity of fashion, models, and of course, Nikki Howard. Emerson hates everything that her sister Frida values. Stark's newest megastore, just blocks from their New York apartment is the biggest thing happening. Stark's cheaper prices and superstores were putting tons of local business out of business. Why would Emerson want anything to do with that? Frida loves it, she's crazy about one of the performers at the opening, Gabriel Luna. Then the world goes upside down. How is it that Emerson's the chosen one? The Phoenix? Why is it that she's able to live the rest of her life? Why is it that Emerson Watts becomes the most known model in New York? Stark Industries is not all that it seems, and it's CEO, Robert Stark is at the head of it all. How can Nikki Howard, and Emerson Watts expose the truth about what Stark Industries is really doing?

High society, celebrities, black mailing, love, brain surgeons, and runways all go into this great trilogy by Meg Cabot. I would like to thank my friend Maria for lending these to me. This summer I'll try to get a lot of posts out:)


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