Friday, August 5, 2011


Shira Brazielle has everything, billions of dollars, merchandise, and fans. Her teams, inventing all kinds of amazing gadgets, and a school. The super exclusive Alpha Academy, on Alpha Island. There, the 100 most talented girls on the planet are assembled. The best dancers, writers, musicians, and inventors, all girls. But of the 100 there can only be one Alpha left to win the worldwide fame.
This series follows Skye, Charlie, Allie A., Allie J., and Triple. They live together in Jackie O's house and quickly become friends, and enemies. Everyone seems to have a secret they're hiding, and everyone seems to have set their sights on the forbidden fruits, Shira's sons. Soon a network of lying, cheating, destroying and backstabbing is wound through the girls weak friendship. Only one can win, and what will each do to stay at the school?

I liked these books a lot. They were intresting and I'm waiting for the next few to come out. I would suggest these books for anyone who likes adventure, romance, fighting evil, and fun.

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