Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Stories

I had to do a project for school so I wrote these essays. They're from one Harry Potter character to another. A lot of people liked them so I'm posting them on here:)

Professor Umbridge to Hermione in The Order Of the Phoenix

How dare you little girl! Helping to terrify students with lies! Breaking school rules! I shall have 200 pints from Gryffindor. Lying, disobedience, and defiance! I should say you lady, have you ever learned any manners? This school is worse than I could ever possibly imagine. I will get an education decree on manners tomorrow.

To say a certain Dark Lord is rising, is, is perpostuas! Just because you believe your lying little friend Harry Potter and your precious Dumbledore. Let me tell you something young lady. Potter is a lair, and Dumbledore is a fool.There is nothing that would want to hurt you like they say. You seemed like a smart girl, but obviously I was wrong Ms. Granger. There is no Dark Lord who is trying to kill you. There is no Dark Lord at all!

Now, if we have that taken care of, which I'm sure we do, I will not have to do this again. May I remind you that I am a very important person at this school. Lying will be a very dangerous crime here. I hope, you have learned your lesson now, or next time you will be punished, severely.

From Ron Weasly to Hermione

You are so annoying sometimes. I know you like to be prepared to anything but, our tests are in June, it's January! Harry and I are going to fail if you can't help us. Mom will go ballistic! Oh, and did you forget that someone is trying to kill Harry? I sure didn't. Do you really think the best thing to do now is study?

I know school is the most important thing for you, but life has bigger problems. We can all pass the test if we try, but why would it matter if we're dead before we graduate? You've already read these books like a hundred times! It's mad, absolutely mad I tell you. You're reading Defense Against Dark Arts, For Beginners! Harry taught us more stuff than if is in that book the first day! Did I mention the fact that we could be tortured, even killed at anytime. Hermione, don't you think that's more important than studying for tests you'll surely pass?

The bottom line is that the world has gone mad! You just sit there and study, and we can all die. By knowing about what, Goblin Wars, we are surely gonna survive. Yeah right! You are a very smart person, as we all know, so why don't you help us instead of studying?

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  1. I like these. I like them A LOT!! :) I might post mine later (:

  2. really, thanks. I wanna read yours. I bet they're great.