Friday, October 1, 2010

New Series

I have 3 new series that I am really excited about. After I finished the Percy Jackson books, I began looking around a bit and found another 3 series I really want to read. They are similar to other ones I've read so if you liked them awesome. The first series in the Kane Chronicles. It is another series by Rick Riordan. This series has only one book out right now, "The Red Pyramid". It is about two siblings, one who lives in London and one who travels the world with their father, an Egyptology's. Their mother was killed years before. While they are in London the kids begin to learn about their mother, but strange circumstances lead to the disappearance of their father. The ancient Egyptian gods come back to life and are after the Kane siblings. It's kinda similar to the Percy Jackson books but sounds good.
The next series is also by Rick Riordan. It is called The Hero's Of Olympus. It is another five book series about the campers of Camp Half-Blood, including Percy Jackson, Annabeth, and other main characters from the Percy Jackson books. There is also a new group of demi-gods who also get part of the action. In the first book three kids are attacked by monsters and Annabeth shows up. She's looking for Percy who is apparently missing.. The first book, The Lost Hero, is out October 12.
The third series has to do with the 39 clues series. If you read that last book the end hints towards a new series with another rival family. I was excited to see my predictions were correct because in April of 2011 a new series will be out. It will be Vespers rising. The Cahills thought they were the only people who knew about the clues but a much more powerful, evil family also knew the truth and will stop at nothing. Well those are my new finds. I'll post links below to all the official sites. If you find more interesting series, of more info on these, add a comment.
thanks, Kathryn

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