Saturday, October 23, 2010

Avalon High

Avalon High is a book by Meg Cabot. In the story Elaine moves to Maryland so that her parents, medieval professors can do some research and take a break from teaching. She quickly meets the star of the football team, student president, and all around good guy,Will. Ellie falls in love with Will, of course there is a problem. Will is dating the head cheerleader, Jennifer. Ellie meets their best friend, Lance,who ends up her partner in world literature. Ellie starts to notice tensions and uncover secrets with this small group of friends. She makes an enemy too, Will's step-brother Marco. Marco seems to be trying to ruin Will's life. Then even stranger she begins to notice similarities with King Arthur and his court. Could the belief that Arthur will one day be reincarnated to safe human kind be true? If so, what role does Ellie play? Time is running short and the forces of darkness are fighting hard. Will anybody be able to stop them from winning the ancient battle again?

I really liked this book until the end. It was not as exciting as I thought I would've been and when it was done I was left thinking,"Is that it?"For most of the book the characters don't know who they are and in the end I don't think they do either. I'm trying to find a sequel but I don't think there is one. Also Disney's movie of the same name is coming out int he beginning of November so I'm interested if they will change the story.

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