Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Mysterious Benedict Society

When an odd add in a newspaper invited children to take a series of tests for an amazing opportunity, tons of children show up. A series of crazy tests breaks the large group down to four children. Reynie, Sticky, Kate and Constance were the only four children chosen for the amazing opportunities. Reynie aced the test by finding a puzzle, Sticky passed it by knowledge of the stuff on the test, Kate helped the teacher escape a mob of angry parents, and Constance just wrote poems to every question. They were all brought into a house to find out what the tests were all for. They found out that they were all alone. Reynie and Kate are orphans and Sticky ran away from his greedy parents. Constance is a very stubborn girl. They meet a man named Mr. Benedict. He wants them to be secret agents. Someone is sending messages straight into people's minds through an amazing device. Mr. Benedict suspects he knows the culprit and sends the children to live undercover at an institution on an offshore island. They arrive and quickly rise in the ranks of students. They all find out that the man running the institution is Mr. Benedict's twin, an evil genius. He sends messages into peoples mind and erases any memories from anybody who opposes him. The newly formed Mysterious Benedict Society has a important mission to a crazy place in this exciting book.

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